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Apartments for rent selo Akropolis

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Apartments for families with children from the owners

If you are not accustomed to leaving their child at home while traveling, you should be prepared for some difficulties in the way. For example, absolutely uncomfortable stay with young children in hotels. After all, if the child wants to eat late, then there is no place him something to cook, or often is that something is dirty and need to be washed, and the rooms do not have a washing machine. The most convenient way to take overnight or longer for sale, so that you and the baby was a space for action, and more home appliances available. In addition, the You can contact the owner and arrange additional facilities such as a highchair or playpen. In addition, here you can find an apartment with the most appropriate layout and design, with a large bed and cozy rooms.

The best accommodation in the Akropolis for daily rent

Acropolis is almost in the center of the Crimea, and despite the fact that it is sufficiently distant from the coast, here still often come to tourists and travelers. The settlement preserved buildings from the time of Greek colonies that attract archaeologists and adventurers from all over the country. In order to give yourself the most comfortable ride in this city, you can choose a comfortable apartment or private house in the site. there are plenty of high-end apartments with a modern renovation, functional furniture and all necessary appliances, which you can rent without intermediaries and any fees for his services to the site. You can rent for the night cozy apartment in the center of Apropolisa or on the outskirts, close to convenient transport interchanges and other infrastructure.

How to save on the apartment on the day via

With the rapid growth of prices for electricity and water daily rental price of apartments and houses has increased significantly. And it is difficult to find affordable apartments for business trips or other short trips. Of course, the opportunity to rent an apartment without intermediaries and without commission, which is provided on, greatly facilitates the financial costs, but for some, and this is not salvation. But if you suddenly liked some flats on the site, but for you it is too expensive, you can try to contact the owner about the coordinates, and to negotiate a discount with the owner. And who knows, maybe you will be able to rent it for yourself.